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Moving In / Out

Full details on moving in and out are contained in our information pack, if you wish to look over the information pack before moving into your Lets4u home just Download a PDF copy or give us a call or email and we can get a copy emailed over to you .

PDF Copy of Our
Welcome Pack

Helpful Hints on Cleaning your Lets4U Home

  • When leaving your Lets4U home for the final time please consider the following guidelines, to avoid any charges.
  • Carefully move all furniture and dust, clean and vacuum all skirting boards, floors and carpets thoroughly.
  • Dust on top of all surfaces where dust might collect.
  • Wipe inside all draws in all furniture as well as kitchen cupboards
  • Dispose of any food items remaining in the fridge-freezer
  • Wipe and fully clean the inside of the fridge including all shelves and drawers
  • Carefully defrost the freezer of any build-up of unnecessary ice.
  • Ensure that the washing machine powder drawer is cleaned
  • Make sure that the dishwasher is cleaned
  • Ensure that the hob and the inside of the oven (including grill pan) is cleaned.
  • Ensure the bath, toilet and sink are thoroughly cleaned and mirror & tiles are wiped
  • Ensure all rubbish and personal items are removed from the property AND from the front and back of the garden.

Please note we cannot use any items that are left in the property e.g food, drinks, TV's, irons ect. Therefore please remove them. If you do leave any unwanted personal belongings in the property (other than what is stated in the inventory) then we will charge you for the removal of such items.


When you leave the property you should return your keys to us individually as many tenants leave at different times. It is your responsibility to return your keys to us, and not rely on someone else doing this for you.

We do expect to find the property in the same condition and cleanliness as you received it at the start of the tenancy , fair wear and tear is taken into consideration on our final house inspection. This means that the cooker top and oven should be cleaned, the microwave, the fridge, the washing machine, the dishwasher should all be cleaned and the freezer should be defrosted , not just turned off, but defrosted, cleaned out and turned back on, please refer to your instructional manual. Bathrooms, lounges, bedrooms, corridors and stairs should all be dusted, wiped and hovered. After hovering the vacuum cleaner should be emptied. We will charge all tenants if the property is not clean and tidy when the last set of keys are handed in, no matter what date you left.

Any belongings left at the property after the end of the contract will be disposed of and you will be charge

Student Shorthold Tenancy Agreement & Guarantor Form

If you wish to look over a sample Shorthold Tenancy Agreement or a sample Guarantor Form just Download a PDF copy below or give us a call or email and we can get a copy emailed over to you .

PDF Copy of Our
Shorthold Tenancy Agreement
& Guarantor Form

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