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Just a small selection of comments from our tennants :

Lawrence Lozzer Elliott

Lets4u have been good. Good rent prices, 24 hour maintenance callouts, been very quick to fix anything. Also we might be a lucky exception but we didn't even have to pay a deposit. No fees either, just had to pay the first month's rent in advance.

Thank you!

It has been a pleasure living in Boultham Avenue during this past academic year and I look forward to returning for third year in September! I hope you will have a good summer! Nina

Hewson Road

Thanks to you and all your staff for being so nice and always helping me out during my stay. I will definitely recommend you! Olivia

The west end is arguably the best place to live in Lincoln if you're a student moving out of campus accommodation. The general distance to campus is a 15 minute walk maximum and the area is quiet and safe as a whole. Over my two years renting out a Lets4U property I have had no real issues with them and any small matter was quickly resolved with a quick phone call or email. They offer great value for money with their properties in the area and I would rent from them again should I require housing in Lincoln. In my experience and hearing from fellow students about other companies in Lincoln, I would recommend Lets4U to first time renting students every time. 

2 Years at Hewson Road

Living in the West End was one of the best decisions I made as a student, hence why I chose to stay on in the same property for the following year. It's a really nice area which is enhanced by the fact that it probably has a percentage of 60-70% students so you always see other students walking around, regardless of the time of day. 

A lot of people who chose to live in the other side of campus have mostly said that they regret living that side as they just seem so far away from most of the other 2nd or 3rd years. Most have them have moved in to the West End (that I know of) whereas very few, if any, have chosen to move away from the West End. 

Another great plus about the West End is the amount of small local shops you have. They are very well priced and can afford to not be too expensive as students are often in there purchasing daily items. However, if you wish to have a bigger variety of products, there's a sainsburys local about a 3/4 minutes walk away. 

Finally, Lets 4 u. They are a really good housing company that I would strongly recommend. We had one or two issues with our property when we moved in (the grill on the oven and a bed) and both were replaced exceedingly quicker than our expectations which was great! They respond very quickly to your questions and they also have a 24 hour line for emergencies (or if you get locked out like I managed to once!). I have chosen to stay in the same property for next year and am therefore staying with Lets 4 u again. 

I would definitely recommend living in the West End. It feels very safe, very student populated and there is nearly a shop or takeaway within a 2/3 minute radius of every house! 

2 Years at Richnond Road

The property is situated in a great area with only a ten minute walk into town/the University campus. We was often told by locals such as taxi drivers that it is the safest and nicest area for students to live in, in Lincoln. The property is spacious and only a block away from the local pub! I personally loved living in a lets 4 u property, the landlords were always helpful and maintenance would always come as soon as possible if anything required attention. Good luck and I hope you enjoy finishing your degree!

2 Years at Moor Street

I've really enjoyed living at Moor street, the area is nice and is close to the uni and the local shops. The house is lovely and the bedrooms are all reasonably sized. We lived in the house for two years and never had any problems with the house or Lets4u . Lets4u are a good letting company and often come straight away if there is a problem with something in the house. 

I hope that helps, we were also wondering when we will be getting our deposits back for the house? 

2 Years at Moor Street

Moor Street is walking distance from all the things you need whilst at uni. It is only a 10-15 minute walk to uni, depending on where you have your lectures and then walking back from uni you will pass a local sainsburys which was very handy.
Moor Street is also walking distance to town, making going on a night out or shopping/restaurants very easy. This also meant we never had to get a bus or a taxi (we only got a taxi to town to go clubbing if it was raining - which would only cost £5 - so £1 each) There is also a local premier shop right on the corner, and a local pub down the road.
Our neighbours were very friendly and we had no trouble with anyone whilst living there.

Kind regards,

Olivia 2 Years at Moor Street

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